PITCH Plate Rejects have finished 11 points clear of the field in Division A of the Blackdown Hills Skittles League.

Paul May's team ended the winter with an exciting three-pin victory over runners-up Hairy Ringers.

At the other end of the table, Catherine Wheel are the deserving winners of the wooden spoon, winning only two matches all season. They ended with a 17-pin loss away to Pinpricks.

In Division B newcomers Brass Moneys are champions, losing only three games.

Bashers, relegated at the end of last season, have taken second place and go straight back up again.

Results - Pitch Plate Rejects 345 (S Gover 57), Hairy Ringers 342 (J Welch 52); Pinpricks 361 (R Pigeon, G Palmer 56, Catherine Wheel 334 (A Doble 51); Jack of all Trades 352 (J Phillips, R Sparks 59), Sociables 345 (E Whitfield 59); Thirsty Farmers 408 (B Tucker 67), Dam Busters 371 (W Dyer 63).

Division B: Hopefuls 308 (K Pinder, B Hayes 49), Queens Knockers 320 (H Mason 52); Half Moon 386 (D Prettyjohn 65), Wobbly Wheels 418 (B King 75); Bashers 391 (K Bright 75), Flopper Knockers 324 (L Maskell 56); Novices 349 (M Pike 61), Brass Monkeys 373 (I Chave 69).