WELLINGTON RFC has announced plans to set up a new women’s rugby team due to rising demand.

The club has seen a rise in interest from women wanting to play rugby in the town and has decided to launch a new team specifically for them. The club has become aware that a few local ladies are currently playing for other clubs around Somerset and North Devon.

Discussions between Wellington RFC and the former Wellington Under-18 girls noted that players are eager to find a local ground to play senior women’s rugby, with some local women travelling to turn out for other clubs in Somerset and North Devon.

The club is now keen to set up a team for next year due to mounting interest across the community.

Dominik Byrne, the Under-18s boys coach who is launching the women's team, said: “We have had a great mix of demand already from women who have been playing regularly to those who have not ever picked a rugby ball before, which is very exciting.”

Wellington RFC to set-up new woman's rugby team
Wellington RFC U18 girls rugby team a few years ago (Wellington RFC)

When asked why there is so much demand for a local ladies rugby team, Dominik Byrne, Under-18 boys Coach, said: “Wellington before COVID had a successful Under-18 girls’ team and many still want to play rugby.

“Wellington has a great history of being a rugby community and has big local support, so many women in Wellington would rather play for their club than other clubs. Due to the National Women's Rugby expansion and investment over the last 10 years women's rugby has been more prominent on TV and as well as professional clubs such as Exeter and Bristol having successful women's teams has made it more accessible.”

In the coming season, the club will celebrate its 150th birthday and in 2025 the Women's’ World Cup will be be hosted in England which, alongside the formation of a new women’s rugby, will add to the excitement.

Dominik added: “A new Women's Team for Wellington is a great way to celebrate both occasions. It also allows us as a club to continue our ethos as a community club open to all.”

The new women’s rugby team will run alongside the current teams such as Minis and Junior Section, with Wellington RFC also running teams from Under-six to Under-18.

The club currently has 150 players registered and playing, but is always seeking more and encourages anyone who interested to apply.

Wellington RFC said: “Come and join in the fun, learn how to play the great game of rugby, make friends for life, be part of a true community club and represent your club and town around the region and who knows where you might end up?”

The Rugby World Cup website states: “Twickenham’s hosting of the final on Saturday, September 27, 2025 will be a symbolic and fitting finale to a tournament that aims to capture hearts and headlines around the world, galvanising the next generation of fans, players and partners around one of sport’s most exciting spectacles.”

More information can be found on the Wellington RFC website.