This morning in Wellington, expect sunny conditions with a rounded temperature of 17°C. As we move into the afternoon, the sunlight will be interspersed with shadows as the clouds roll in, offering sunny spells. The temperature will be consistent at 17°C.

Tomorrow morning, similar weather conditions will greet us with the sun shining brightly and the temperature a bit warmer at 19°C. The afternoon promises to continue the pleasant trend with more sun and a stable temperature of 19°C. The overall conditions will be similar to today's, with temperatures around 19°C.

Looking ahead to the next few days, the general trend indicates consistent sunny conditions. The minimum temperature we're looking at is 15°C, while the maximum temperature raises the bar a bit to 21°C. Scattered showers can be expected, but they won't be a significant disruption to the sunny trend. Remember to stay hydrated and wear sunblock during the sunnier parts of the day, and have a light jacket handy for the cooler mornings and evenings.

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