A MURAL depicting the Christian vision and values has been gifted to Langford Budville Church of England Primary School by local artist Christine Sowden.

The mural depicts the swift, a resilient bird which is used for the primary school logo and with which the school’s vision identifies.

School head Jonathan Moise-Souch said: “When I started here in September I implemented a new Christian vision ‘Roots to Grow, Wings to Fly’.

“This vision resonates through everything we do as it provides a basis to secure knowledge through our curriculum, a sense of identity, promotes an awareness of the wider world, and aspirations for the future.

“Together, there are two lasting bequests we can give to our children, one of those is roots, the other, wings.”

Mr Moise-Souch said it was inspired by Psalm 1 and Isaiah 40:30-31.

The school’s six Christian values of curiosity, respect, creativity, forgiveness, perseverance, and trust are also shown on the mural.

Mr Moise-Souch said: “It is these values that the children strive to demonstrate throughout the year.

“The mural stands proud in our playground where the whole community can see it.

“It brings brightness and a sense of identity to the playground.”