HOLCOMBE Rogus’s only public house, The Prince of Wales, has been bought after it was forced to shut during the pandemic.

James Collins, the new owner, has invested in the property and is willing to invest further if the chosen tenant’s business proposal is favourable.

‘The Prince’ will be marketed nationally on sidneyphillips.co.uk but for now, Mr Collins is keen to keep the tenancy local and is appealing for people around the area to discuss tenancies with him, as the opportunity to buy has now passed.

The Covid pandemic plunged the 200-year-old pub into financial disarray, forcing it to close its doors to customers. 

As a result, villagers joined forces to save the establishment, launching a fund-raising appeal with a goal of raising £500,000 to buy and reopen the pub.

With the support of the Plunkett Foundation, a national charity which helps with the establishment of community businesses, the group launched a fund-raiser.

At the time, chairman of the group, Tom Critchley said: “We’ve got so many ideas, but ultimately it will be up to all our investors – every member of the society will have a say.”

Now, ‘The Prince’ has the financial support of an investor, who aims to keep the freehold local and use it as a community space.