Final say on Popham Court

Dear Editor, good Sir,

Why should a Unitary Council set up to save money, and now almost bankrupt, have the final say on Popham Court?

After all, Wellington Town Council - and more so, the people of Wellington - have taken on the responsibilities of that Council, which debts may financially cripple householders.

Instead of the sort of development proposed, I do not see why, with an increase in the elderly population, that the site cannot be returned to its former use for elderly residents.

Councillors, with more knowledge of these things, might do well to consider carefully the needs and safety of all those who live locally. 

Yours faithfully,

John Jarrett.

Council Tax Increase

I have just posted on Facebook an issue i have over your 96.5 % Increase relating to my parents council tax Increase as follows. Wellington Town Council you should hang your heads in shame. I am absolutely incensed on visiting my elderly parents this morning to see the arrival of their Council Tax bill but more importantly the rise in the Wellington Town Council’s increase of 96.5% on the previous year.  How can this be allowed, we are still in a cost of living crisis and with my parents getting older this has caused them quite alot of concern.  All other charges are less than 5% for heavens sake which is bad enough. Yes, I know everything is going up but this rise is disproportionate to the others. I think an emergency readjustment should be made so it is within the 5% as others have done because personally I cannot see for the life of me that this should be allowed to happen and it is certainly NOT justified THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE 

Rought sleeping in English up 27%

Dear Editor,

Yesterday’s Government data revealed that shockingly, rough sleeping in England has risen 27% in the past year. And more than doubled since 2010. These aren’t just statistics, they are people, thousands of people, who’s lives have fallen apart in a terrible way and haven’t had the support and back up they need at that critical moment. As a result they are sleeping on our streets each night.

One important way to reduce the number of people rough sleeping is to break the link between rough sleeping and the criminal justice system. A third of rough sleepers have been in prison, and we know hundreds of people leave prison into homelessness every month.

Campbell Robb,

Nacro, Chief Executive

Recognise the signs and symptoms of RSV

Dear letters editor

Highly infectious viruses like RSV, Strep A and flu are common - even at this time of year. RSV for example is one of the main cause of coughs and colds and while most of us only have mild symptoms if we catch it, RSV can lead to more serious breathing problems in younger children and babies with health conditions or complex medical and may need hospital treatment as a result.

As the pressures on NHS services continue to increase and, as a charity supporting families with disabled children and their families, Contact wants to make sure Somerset families recognise the signs and symptoms of RSV, Strep A and flu, how to reduce risk of infection in younger children and what action parents should take and when - whether it’s seeking advice and help from your pharmacy or GP or calling 111.

Find out more on our website Being aware of infections like RSV and Strep A, alongside getting the flu vaccination and the Covid-19 booster jab are some of key ways to protect your health.

Yours sincerely

Amanda Elliot, Health Lead Contact, the charity for families with disabled children

World Hearing Day

Dear Editor,

Spring is fast approaching, and with it the familiar sounds of the dawn chorus, as we listen out for the melodic blackbird, the beautiful song thrush and the sweet serenade of the blue tit.

Bird song is important to many of us – in new research from RNID, 73% of UK adults said they would miss the sounds of birds singing if they lost their hearing. This World Hearing Day (Sunday 3 March), RNID is encouraging nature lovers to take a free online hearing check.

Missing the high-pitched calls and trills of birds is common for people who are experiencing undiagnosed hearing loss, and as changes in your hearing can happen gradually, they can be difficult to spot.

Over 360,000 people have taken RNID’s online hearing check, and many of them tell us they can now enjoy hearing birds singing again thanks to their hearing aids. One person said, ‘There seem to be more birds in the garden!’ whilst another declared ‘I can hear birdsong in all its glory.’

It’s easy to take RNID’s online hearing check and only takes three minutes, visit

Yours sincerely,

Crystal Rolfe,

Director for Health at RNID