A Westford resident has branded vandals 'mindless idiots' after a footbridge in the nearby woods was damaged.

Angela Boyd was walking her black Labrador through the Westford Wood on Saturday, July 8, when she found a footbridge had been vandalised.

She said: "You've got to be a mindless idiot to do something like this. Some of the wood was rotten and it looks as though it was wrenched and torn off.

"Since then some good spirited person has pulled the timber from the brook. I have reported it to the local PCSO, but how do you catch vandals in the middle of the woods?"

The attack on the community woodland comes after a number of incidents of vandalism in the area, including arson and other damage committed at the Rockwell Green allotments.

Angela added: "I think it's just some people with nothing to do, the children who play there are perfectly nice, I don't think it would be them ."