OUTGOING Mid Devon MP Richard Foord has accused the Government of taking more than £13.8 million from local pensioners in the past year. 

Mr Foord, who is switching to stand in another constituency at the next General Election, said failing to properly implement the pensions ‘triple lock’ in 2024 could result in another hit for the pensioners of more than £1.7 million next year.

He said they suffered a major cut last year when the Government opted not to uprate the State pension in line with earnings.

Mr Foord said the Government was reportedly set to break the ‘triple lock’ once again by excluding bonuses, which would mean pensioners would receive a 7.8 per cent rise and not the 8.5 per cent which they should be guaranteed.

He said analysis by the Liberal Democrat Party estimated local pensioners would take an ‘eye-watering hit’ of more than £15.5 million over three years, amounting to more than £550 each. 

Mr Foord said: “Pensioners should not be forced to suffer due to out-of-touch Conservative Ministers turning their backs on them, especially given ongoing cost-of-living challenges.

“These are people who have worked hard and contributed to society for decades.

“The least we can do is ensure that they get a fair deal when it is time for them to retire.

“The only way to deliver this and offer much-needed certainty for people is to protect the ‘triple lock’ in full.

“Instead, Rishi Sunak and his Government look set to short-change them by hundreds of pounds, all to make up for his own Party crashing the economy.”