ENVIRONMENT charity Protect Earth is recruiting volunteers to plant a new community woodland near Wellington.

The charity helps farmers and landowners increase tree cover and biodiversity by planting trees on unused and degraded farmland, using them to provide shade and shelter for crops and livestock, creating wildflower meadows, and helping with maintenance of struggling saplings.

Now, it is looking for people to help plant a woodland in Bullock Field Hill, between Stawley and Kittisford.

The field is owned by a community interest company to lock in the woodland as an asset for the community in perpetuity.

It currently has two to three acres of ancient wood and Protect Earth plans to plant the rest as a sustainably managed woodland.

Volunteers on a Protect Earth tree planting project.
Volunteers on a Protect Earth tree planting project. (Protect Earth)

A Protect Earth spokesperson said: “The owners’ priority is to sequester carbon, but also with an aim of encouraging biodiversity and engaging with the local community.

“As part of the first phase, we will be planting a wide mix of 2,000 native broadleaved trees, with a further 3,000 next year.”

The planting will take place from February 23 to 25 and Protect Earth is asking volunteers to register for a free place via a website here.

The spokesperson said: “We appreciate volunteers who are able to come for part of the day, a whole day, or even the whole weekend, and children are welcome.

“We love it when the local community gets involved in their area, and also welcome guests from further away.

“It allows us to make new friends, catch up with friends we have made, and learn what people love about their communities while talking to them about enriching local biodiversity.

“Whenever possible, we encourage volunteers to car share, use public transportation, or even cycle, to keep emissions down and avoid stressing parking space.”

The charity said volunteers only needed to take their own lunch or snacks and did not need to have any experience because training and all the necessary equipment, along with tea, coffee, and biscuits, would be provided.