This morning in Wellington, it's going to feel warm with 20°C, under cloudy skies.

There might be some scattered showers moving in later.

By the afternoon, the temperature will be slightly cooler at 19°C.

Scattered showers will continue to be a possibility.

Tomorrow morning, expect similar conditions to today with a temperature of 19°C and potential scattered showers.

Keep the umbrella nearby as light rain is expected by the afternoon, with a slight drop in the temperature to 18°C.

The maximum temperature for the day will be 19°C and the minimum will be 18°C.

Looking ahead, there will be a consistent trend of scattered showers over the next few days.

Temperatures will vary, reaching a maximum of 18°C and dropping to a minimum of 14°C.

Some sunny spells can be expected amidst the showers, so don't put away those sunglasses just yet, and remember to stay dry!

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