Six of the best – cricket is a family affair!

Tuesday 27th July 2021 9:56 am

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A local village cricket team fielded SIX members of the same family - five brothers and their younger sister.

Phil Morrish, his sons Steve, Mike, Rob and Duncan and daughter Lauren, 17, all put on their whites for Fitzhead Cricket Club in Somerset.

Four or five of the family regularly play but this was the first time all six represented the team - sadly in a loss to West Coker and Hardington.

Duncan, 24, said the opposition do often make comments when him and other Morrish members play, but insisted it’s always banter.

Even mum Julie has filled in in previous years to make up numbers in the field, thanks to her softball background.

Duncan said: “Teams often look at the batting and say, ‘another one?’

“Before they’ve asked ‘Why did your dad stop at five? He could have had a whole team.’

“We have the names on the back on our shirts so wherever you go in the field you can see us.”

Sadly, the team lost with six Morrish members playing – losing by six wickets on July 3.

“It wasn’t the best day at the office,” Duncan said.

“It was one of those games where we all decided to get caught.”

Despite being the youngest, Lauren, 17, certainly plays her role with her dangerous bowling.

“The thing is she’s not just there because she’s my sister,” Duncan added.

“It’s hilarious – It’s still a case of a 50-year-old bloke getting bowled by a girl, then looking to say, ‘that can’t happen.’

“Up until this year Lauren was in Somerset set up but decided to stop. She’s probably the most naturally talented.

“She’s taken a fair few wickets for us. A couple of years ago she took three or four in a game where we won the league.”

Duncan said women regularly play for the men’s side – and it’s a case of if you’re good enough, you play, regardless of gender.

“It is a men’s league – but obviously if the women are good enough to play then they’re allowed,” he said.

“It’s quite normal. We’ve played against a couple of teams with women, so if you’re good enough you get picked.

“You can see coming up against good female cricketers there’s no reason why if they’re good enough they shouldn’t play.

“You’d like to think the attitudes are more normalised now.”

The family have a deep love for sports, including hockey, where even some of the girlfriends play for Bridgwater Hockey Club.

Duncan said: “We all play for Bridgwater hockey club including my mum, my girlfriend, Mike’s wife, and Lauren.

“So, at the hockey club there’s a fair few of us.”


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