WHILE the cast for Wellington Theatre Company’s forthcoming production of Murdered to Death have been busy rehearsing over the past few months, one of their members has been even busier.

Charlie Hughes has been coping with rehearsals alongside her preparations to run in the London Marathon just a week after the show finishes, on Sunday, April 21.

She is raising sponsorship for Pancreatic Cancer UK and was also involved with her daughter Hannah Green, also in the cast, with fund-raising concerts for the charity held recently in Wellington Arts Centre.

The two fund-raising concerts featured John Walker and his musical friends and helped to comfortably beat their target of bringing in £2,500.

Murdered to Death, Peter Gordon’s comedy spoof of an Agatha Christie whodunnit, is directed by Steve Meredith and will be performed at Wellington Arts Centre, Eight Acre Lane, from Wednesday to Saturday, April 10 to 13, at 7.30pm nightly, with a 2.30pm Saturday matinee.

The play revolves around a group of guests who gather for a weekend country house party, but beneath the civilised veneer, there lurks ‘passion, greed, and a desire for revenge’.

The maiden aunt and her orphaned niece, the Colonel and his younger wife, a dodgy Frenchman and his upper class lady friend, and not forgetting the insolent Butler - they all have their secrets, and soon the murderer shows their hand.

Aiming to solve the crime is the highly self-opinionated yet incompetent Inspector Pratt.

The law is an ass, and the inspector seems determined to prove it – despite the best efforts of Constable Thomkins.

Together with local busybody, Joan Maple – who seems to attract murder and mayhem wherever she goes, they attempt to uncover the perpetrator before the death toll gets out of hand.