Graham Sparks is glad to be back on the tools after a summer away from work with ill-health.

The well known local dealer and restorer has returned to his Longroom Barn workshop after spending three months between the Bristol Heart Institute and Musgrove Park Hospital.

During his stay he remained an avid follower of Wellington's cricket team, following their games on the app so routinely his doctors and nurses became 'cricket mad by the end.'

Now back in his Tonedale workshop Mr Sparks is preparing to launch a sale with 'great deals' on his antique furniture, with proceeds going to The British Heart Foundation and Musgrove. He said:

"I am feeling better, I would say 80 per cent there. I am doing light duties and I am always going to continue with the repairs and restorations which is buzzing. But my stock I am carrying, the antiques and the country furniture I have had a good run with over the years but I think it is now time to slim that down.  "It is too much lugging stuff around. I love the buzz of a deal, I was a compulsive buyer, I love selling and furnishing peoples homes, meeting the people I meet, going to the barns."

Twenty per cent of the proceeds will go to the good causes, with NHS workers enjoying an extra 15 per cent discount. Graham said: "They are just wonderful people. I have seen what they go through, they are undervalued and I gave them a nightmare.  "They built me up again and I thank them for that. During the next year or two I will continue to raise money and give gifts to Musgrove."

Mr Sparks said he was glad to be back in his shop and extended his thanks to all the nurses, doctors and consultants who helped him get back on his feet. He encouraged buyers to come down for the sale for a great deal and good chat.

The sale will be on for a month from September 18 at the Longroom Barn in Tonedale.