A FOOTPATH crossing on the main railway line in Rockwell Green is likely to remain closed until March.

The crossing, which links The Basins area to Westford, was due to reopen last October after Network Rail completed a programme of cleaning and replacing stones on the railway track which started early in 2022.

Although not announced at the time, Network Rail also reconstructed the crossing point and built a five-step metal staircase and railings to replace a set of open concrete steps.

The new steps were criticised by Wellington Cllr Marcus Barr, who said they made it more difficult for people with mobility issues and those with buggies or bicycles.

Now, Network Rail has said it cannot be reopened until the crossing lights had been been replaced, which was unlikely to happen before March.

A spokesman said the lights were not properly aligned with the new steps and the crossing was therefore unsafe to use.

A spokesman said: “The biggest hurdle we have at the moment is getting time on the track as a machine is required to get the light unit replacements to the site.

“We are looking at March for when the crossing should be reopened.”