Dog owners whose pets are in need of dental work can now have them seen at a local vets near Wellington.

Cave Veterinary Specialists have launched a new animal dentistry service which boasts of providing 'world-class treatment.'

It follows Annabel McFadzean, a clinician in veterinary dentistry, joining the firm, to take charge of its new dentistry and oral surgery service. She said: “Cave now has a purpose-built dentistry suite that allows our team to provide world-class treatment for dentistry and oral conditions.  We’re excited to now be able to provide dental services to referring vets in the region. Being able to offer these services at Cave is great news for pet and pet owners from across the south-west.

“As a multidisciplinary hospital, dentistry cases are supported by our specialists from a range of disciplines including anaesthesia, surgery and oncology.”  

 Nele Van den Steen, clinical director at Cave, said: “We’re thrilled to welcome Annabel to Cave and be able to offer pet owners and referring vets the benefit of her extensive experience in dentistry and oral surgery. 

“She will be a great asset and will perfectly compliment our industry-leading specialists already providing exceptional care across a whole host of specialisms at Cave.”

The new dedicated dental suit will be in business to fix fractured and discoloured teeth, malocclusions, periodontal disease and other oral issues.