FORMER Wellington School student, Seb Woodhouse, from Hillfarrance, is running the equivalent height of 55 Victoria Falls (6,000m) and 26.2 miles in distance to raise money for Zimbabwe Educational Trust. 

Seb, 23, has been training for the challenge, which will take place on the Quantock hills. He will run the distance of a marathon and gain 6,000 metres in elevation, exceeding that of Mount Kilimanjaro (5,895 metres). 

He chose Victoria Falls, a symbol of Zimbabwe, and Mt Kilimanjaro as his height reference points, due to their iconic status as African landmarks.

Seb Woodhouse is now training for the challenge.
Seb Woodhouse is now training for the challenge. (Seb Woodhouse)

Despite the focus on Africa, the challenge will take place on Crowcombe Hill on January 6. Seb will ascend the hill 35 times and hopes to complete the endeavour in 10-12 hours.

Seb is involved with the Zimbabwe Educational Trust through his internship. 

He said: “I was drawn to their inspiring and crucial mission, recognising education as a key pathway to alleviate poverty in sub-Saharan Africa.

“Many Zimbabwean children still lack access to education, hindering their ability to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to fulfil their potential.

“By taking on this challenge, I aim to not only raise funds but also create awareness about global struggles.”

The Zimbabwe Educational Trust (ZET) is a small UK-based charity dedicated to addressing these challenges through three core initiatives by supporting local partner organisations: Trinity Project, Rafiki Girls Centre, and Foundations for Farming.

Seb has participated in several other running events in Africa, including the Mount Mulanje Porters Race in Malawi. 

Seb (left) after running Mr Mulanje Porters Race in Malawi.
Seb (left) after running Mr Mulanje Porters Race in Malawi. (Seb Woodhouse)

He said: “This unique challenge is something I hope more people will undertake in the future, especially in support of similar causes. People can similarly walk, run, cycle, or climb up their local hill.

“Any donations, regardless of their size, will be greatly appreciated, as they will directly support Zimbabwe Educational Trust’s inspiring mission.”

To donate to Seb's cause, visit his Just Giving page.