A CHRISTMAS hamper competition in Wellington School has concluded with all the entries being presented to the Best Before Food Store, in Rockwell Green.

Pupils and students in the prep and senior schools all contributed to providing Christmas ‘goodies’ to their class boxes, and also creatively decorated their hampers in the festive spirit.

Teachers and pupils then delivered the completed hampers to the Best Before Food Store to give to its members and other families in the community.

Wellington School’s catering department also joined in and provided Best Before Food Store members with frozen Christmas dinners to take home along with their hampers.

The store’s project manager, Paula Appleby, said: “This has been a tremendous effort by the pupils and staff to help their local community.

“In total, we received 70 wonderfully decorated hampers, containing all sorts of things, from Christmas food and treats, to mugs, socks, and hats, and one even had a small Christmas tree.

“It is a real expression of their kindness and generosity for which we are very grateful.

“I am sure it will have been a difficult choice in picking winners, as they were all so well done.”

About half the hampers will be handed out at the Best Before Food Store Christmas party on Tuesday (19 December) with each household receiving their own box plus enough Christmas dinners for their whole family.

The rest of the hampers will be distributed via other organisations in Wellington.

The Best Before Food Store is a community project in partnership with the Somerset Local Pantry scheme, local churches, and community volunteers to support the people of Wellington.

The project offers a pop-up store, plus access to other activities such as arts and crafts, cookery classes and demos, life skills, and social activities.

The Best Before Food Store runs each Tuesday afternoon from 3 pm to 5 pm at the Well Centre, Rockwell Green.

Anybody who wants more information or is interested in becoming a volunteer or member can, call 07490 196095 or email [email protected].