A THIRD of the estimated £1 million cost of building a floodlit artificial sports pitch at Court Fields School, Wellington has been raised.

The project is currently going through its planning application stage with Somerset Council’s planners expected to make a decision shortly.

If it is given the green light, the school, which is part of the Castle Partnership, hopes to start work in the autumn term and to have the all-weather facility completed by next spring.

Funding has already been raised from Wellington Town Council, Somerset Council, and Bishop Fox’s Education Foundation, as well as using the partnership’s own money, which has allowed the school to apply to the Football Foundation for the balance.

Court Fields business manager Sally Taylor said the school was also engaging with the local community to gain support and information on the potential use of the 3G pitch.

Ms Taylor said: “This will be a facility that will be available for use by the school and community, and I am contacting local groups that may have an interest in using the sports pitch once it is installed.

“There are many football teams in the local area, but we are also keen to promote use to unique users, including disadvantaged and under-represented groups.

“This could be on a regular or ad hoc basis.

“The pitch would be available for community use evenings, weekends, and school holidays.

“If this facility would be of interest for any local initiatives, I would be happy to have a discussion and see how this facility can support the work their group.

“For potential users or local groups and businesses, if they are able to provide the school with a letter of support for the project, this would be really helpful with our funding application.”

The 71,600 sq ft pitch will be sited in the Court Fields sports field next to its tennis courts and beside Wellington Recreation Ground

It will be enclosed in a 15 feet high steel mesh fence and lit by a set of six 50 feet tall galvanised steel floodlights.

The facility is intended to be available for use from 9 am to 10 pm every day of the year.

Anybody interested in making use of the 3G facility, or who has any questions about it, should contact Ms Taylor by calling 01823 664201 or emailing to [email protected].