A MET Office severe weather warning has been issued for the West Somerset and Wellington areas as snow was expected to fall on Thursday and Friday (November 30 and December 1).

The ‘yellow’ weather warning came into force at 3 am on Thursday and covers the period up to 4 pm on Friday.

The forecasters said snow was likely to arrive on Thursday morning, with temperatures below freezing lasting into the weekend and dropping to minus 7C in some areas.

They said Exmoor would start to see some sleety showers first and the Quantock and Blackdown Hills and other high ground could also expect snowfalls.

The yellow warning covered an area from Cornwall to Dorset with two to four inches (five to 10 cm) of snow predicted in some high areas and winds causing drifting in places.

On lower ground it was predicted a ‘dusting’ of up to three-quarters-of-an-inch (two centimetres) could be seen.

Icy patches were likely to develop on untreated roads, pavements, and cycle paths, and the Met Office said conditions could be ‘hazardous’.

Some roads and railways were likely to be affected, causing longer journey times, and people may suffer injuries from slips and falls on icy surfaces.

A yellow warning is issued to encourage people to plan ahead and think about possible travel delays, or disruption to their day to day activities.

The Met Office would monitor the developing weather situation and people should keep an eye on the latest forecast and be aware the weather might change or worsen.

Met Office chief meteorologist, Neil Armstrong, said: “There has been some uncertainty in the atmospheric weather patterns for the coming days.

“However, confidence in the forecast is improving and there is a reducing chance of snow for southern areas of the UK, although there is still a chance we may see some sleety wintry showers over higher ground in areas such as Dartmoor or Exmoor.”

The Met Office outlook for Friday through to Sunday was: “Largely dry, though some showers which may bring flurries of hill snow.

“Some early morning mist and fog around at times and feeling cold with overnight frosts. Easing winds.”